"...Ive taken off my fender ones and put a set of these on, on the advice of a friend of mine (He's quite well known) and to be honest they are better than fender & ernie ball...very crisp..cheers and have a good day"
- BUNNY (referring to Roberts strings)

"Roberts guitars and amps just blow away everything else... old amp - Fender Twin; replaced by Roberts TV100 combo and VA400 Half Stack - NO CONTEST - Roberts blows away the Fender for tone and power!

Also, my previous main stage and recording guitars were by Ibanez and Yamaha and my main guitars are now a Roberts Tezuka, a Roberts FB Custom and a Roberts Skeleton. They sound so much better than anything else and the build quality is top notch (plus they're not straight copies like most other guitars - if you like something unique, buy a Roberts!). I was a Roberts user before we gained the endorsement deal and was already singing their praises back then. They really are an eye opener as to what you can get for your money... fantastic value all round and with many of the older models changing hands for four-figure sums they're an investment too" - Vaughn Atkinson, JetKing

"Roberts guitars and their limited edition amps are the business! How they can make them at such high quality for the money is a mystery to me!" - I, Bristol

"Pro instruments at semi-pro prices - buy one now before they come to their senses" - Adam, Dundee

"People are always coming up to me after gigs to ask about my amp and guitar - they're not like anything else. They sound and look so cool and people think I spent thousands! A million thanks, Rob!" - Mikhail

"Best guitars I've ever had, although beware - they're addictive... I've got 6 now!" Triker